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Partipilo Custom Decks is now offering 10% off your total project cost when you sign up and install any new deck this winter.  Offer applies to new customers who sign up between Wednesday, December 1st 2022 through Monday, March 1st 2023.  Offer is only valid for brand new deck construction.


While it may be cold outside, many homeowners are not thinking about building a new deck.  However, winter is considered one of the best times to build a deck for a variety of reasons.  Building a new deck during winter gives the pressure treated wood frame a longer time to dry out.  Also, contractors are not as busy in the colder weather months and can often construct your new deck at a lower cost versus building in the warmer weather months.  


Building a new deck in the winter can result in a substantial cost savings to you as a customer, especially when paired with the 10% Winter Deck Sale offer.  Most construction materials, such as pressure treated lumber, are sold at a lower price compared to spring, summer or fall.   Some contractors may also reduce their labor rates in the winter months.


The majority of customers wait until summer has arrived to contact us for a new deck.  Unfortunately, many contractors, including us, risk turning away new leads due to being booked for the entire season.  This leads to a great deal of disappointment for people who have now realized they waited too long to start thinking about their new deck.  


Most people wonder if the ground is too hard to build a new deck during the winter.  Partipilo Custom Decks uses a modular style footing that is jackhammered or screwed into the ground depending on the application, virtually eliminating the need to dig or pour concrete during frozen conditions.   This process allows us to install new decks during any season. 



Almost every new deck is constructed out of a pressure treated wood frame.  Typically, this wood tends to hold moisture from the pressure treatment process.  Building a deck in the winter gives the wet lumber a longer time to acclimate to the outside conditions.  This results in a wood frame that dries out consistently and evenly leaving your new deck as straight and flat as possible.  Construction during the heat of summer can result in lumber that dries out quickly, twists, warps or allows posts and joists to split or crack. 


Building a new deck during the winter has less interruption to you and your household since most homeowners spend more time indoors.  When your deck is built during the winter months, it reduces scheduling conflicts due to outdoor parties, other construction projects around the home or even landscaping contractors.  It can also be beneficial to your lawn and landscaping as the ground is harder and will not be as disturbed as much.  The best benefit to building during the winter months is that you will be able to enjoy your new deck on the very first nice day of the season!

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